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I watched her swipe left to reject a professional football team's worth of New York-area hipsters, jocks and nerds.

Some were disqualified for being basic-looking bros with too-big arm muscles, and some for trying too hard to be hip, whether emphasizing their DJ gigs or having super hipster photos.

That tells me she’s not trying too hard and that she knows what’s important in her life.” –Carlo, 37RELATED: 10 Tips to Look Great in Every Photo What He Thinks About Your Profile“Everyone’s profile says they love travel, animals, trying new foods, and that they are giving online dating a try.

You haven’t posted any pictures online — yet you finally joined as part of your quest to stop kissing toads, right? Worried that once your picture is up that no one will respond?

Perhaps you are concerned that someone you know might recognize you? Or are you quite simply struggling about which picture you should post?

Ladies, I heard a rumor — a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad rumor. Ladies, we are 100 percent guilty of perpetuating this catfish BS, and I hear the same story from guys time and time again. We know what men like when it comes down to it: they like women, all types of women. All they do is make you look like some weird, fuzzy, ghost person.

I heard you are going on dating sites and putting up pictures of yourselves from 10 or 15 years ago … No guy likes to show up for a date expecting to meet one woman, and instead meets another version of her. They're sick and tired of you not looking like you. Men like women with curves, rail-thin women, women with boobs, women with no boobs and hips, women with no hips, redheads, brunettes, long hair, short hair and everything in between. And when guys see too much filter usage, they become very, very wary.

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