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It's important to know some historical facts as well.

Kazakhstan during the centuries has been greatly influenced by diversity of Eastern and Western lifestyles, and two biggest in the country Muslim and Orthodox confessions.

The state language here is considered to be Kazakh ?

one of the Turkic group tongues, though Russian is the language that is widely spoken and used by the population.

We were told this Avis pickup was at the Almaty, Kz airport.

Domestic passengers travelling within Kazakhstan over three of four flight sectors will now be able to save time and make one single booking instead of purchasing a series of one-way tickets.

Kazakhstan is situated in Central Asia and borders on Russia and China. One of the main and biggest cities in the country is Almaty.

It allows you to book your journey with up to 4 flight segments, enabling you to stop off en-route to your final destination.

The search tool also enables you to include surface sectors in your journey.

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