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Hungarian women deservedly considered the most beautiful in Eastern Europe.

Because of thousands years of mixing races, hungarians have an unusual appearance. They have mixed genetic material of modern Hungarian gene pool during centuries.

While this article is far from exhaustive, we think International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to highlight the achievements and contributions of a selection of Hungarian women – whether they’re key historical figures, active in the arts, have fought for human rights and social justice, or have reached incredible sporting results.

Ilona Zrínyi is a heroine of both Hungarian and Croatian history, and struggled for the independence of Croatia and Hungry from the Austrian Habsburg monarchy in the 1600s.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria aka Empress Sisi was of course Austrian, although she was the Queen of Hungary and was sympathetic to the plight of Hungary during the country’s 1848 revolution against the Habsburgs.

She tried to do much for the country, so we’ve decided to mention her.

I’d say this is a reasonably good sample size to make some judgments and answer Mc Queen’s questions in detail, so here goes.

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The best online dating sites in Hungary have not taken off like the best dating sites in other parts of the world such as Russia and Ukraine.

Most of the interesting facts can be distinguished famous Lake Balaton and tasty meat dish called goulash.

No one even thought how to look the most beautiful Hungarian women.

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