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Jonathan was once a chubby, white, overprivileged child who grew up in the home of his millionaire daddy Bruce Alan Mc Intosh house on an island (he also owns a hotel), together with his mom Debbie Paul (lol divorce?) and his brothers Justin (archive) and Jeffrey who were all reportedly "unschooled", which is the practice of keeping your children out of the school system and not teaching them anything so that they would be more easy to indoctrinate (just read "Hathor the Cow Goddess").

When the subscription ends, you are stripped of all the features, forcing you to buy it again.

Jonathan "Josh" Mc Intoash is the straight, white male who speaks on behalf of all women via Anita, for whom he writes scripts, edits videos, dictates tweets, works as her "PR agent," and from whom he receives money and access to her mouth for his dick, which is undoubtedly as pasty and stubby as he is.

After spending his childhood being "Unschooled" by his crazy, fundie parents in their mansion built on an island, he was further traumatized by witnessing the most lulzy event of the millennium.

Instead of going to trauma counseling, he pathetically entered his rebellious teen phase during his mid 20's, thus becoming a radical leftie communist who tried to convince his new SJW friends that he's not a trust-fund baby who thinks he's Che Guevara.

After years of working in the background applying his skill at "remixing" (a different way of saying "Making propaganda videos" with stolen footage), Mc Intosh came into the limelight during Gamer Gate after a series of hilariously stupid tweets, earning him the illustrious title "SJW's biggest retard".

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