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Then, if you need to display them in a separate form/view, we can even use a simple Usercontrol rathern than use the Details View.If you have any other ideas or concerns, please feel free to post here.A couple of interesting things are worth examining. You normally only need these if your column or table name contains a special character such as a space or the name matches a reserved word. The second part of this tutorial explains the use of a Details View.

All the examples I've seen use two data sources and on every *select* they do another round-trip to the Database (which makes no sense to me). For details View, it is also a Template databound control as Grid View, it can't perform simple databinding( bing only a single dataobject through properties), we need to priovide a Data Source for it and let it perform databinding to populate data.

The second lesson in this chapter demonstrates how you can bind to data to allow users to interact with it.

The lesson covers using web server controls such as Grid View, Repeater, Details View, and many more.

I have a *single* Sql Data Source that loads up a single result set that I show in a Grid View.

In the Grid View, i've added a "Select" button and handling the Selected Item event.

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Details View control is a data-bound control that renders a single record at a time.

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