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His funny — yet always direct — approach to dating, sex and relationships has revolutionized how people meet and interact with the opposite sex.David Wygant (): I think everyone is full of excuses.That program is undoubtably the core of what David offers, but he’s got lots more.He has a program dedicated to approaching women, “20 Ways to Meet Hotter Women, Without Pickup Lines,” which is sure to be popular, an ebook on texting, “The Secrets of Online Dating,” and more.David Wygant has been coaching men and women in dating techniques for 20 years.As a dating coach, he offers a wide variety of products and services.

He developed an interest into this field after his first marriage didn’t work out that well.The Men’s Mastery Audio Series is a set of twelve volumes of downloadable mp3 audio files.You can have access to all the information and advice as soon as you purchase it, and move through the volumes at your own pace._____ [More from Jasbina] — [VIDEO] How Do I Tell If A Guy Is Worth My Time?Here are 5 qualities that inspire a man to stay devoted: Are you sick of meeting the wrong guys in the wrong places?

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This is a step-by-step guide to finding lasting success with women using all of Wygant’s techniques.

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  1. Since that statute was enacted in 2003, it has been a second-degree felony for any employee of any given school district to have sex with any student in that district, regardless of that student’s age.

  2. The University of Pittsburgh values the safety and health of all members of the Pitt community and seeks to foster an environment in which its students and employees treat other persons with respect, civility, and dignity.