Dating aria bass pagdating ng relihiyong islam sa pilipinas

Also, the Indonesian factory did not use serials from it's opening in 1992 until around 2000.However, there were also some Korean Artist Series Strats made around 1995-1996 with no serial numbers, and many Korean-made Japanese Market models had no serial numbers as well. It is commonly found on Mastercaster Series models, among others.Note #2: Guitars with no serial number were produced at many different times.

We have recieved literally thousands of requests for information on models not currently covered here. It's our hope that people will come forward with specifications, years offered, options, and even images or catalog/slick scans and the like to help build this archive.

The 1723 version reflects the order of movements given by Neumeister, i.e., 1 (Duet), 2 (Recitative), 3 (Chorale), 4 (Aria), but for later revivals (probably from 1724 onwards), the movements were reordered, with the third movement - a setting of the opening strophe of Luther's 1524 hymn, "Komm, heiliger Geist, Herre Gott", being placed last, so that the order was not 1-2-3-4.

As a result of this reordering, the opening duet for soprano and bass (with full orchestral accompaniment) was followed by a secco recitative for soprano and then by a bass aria with obbligato violin, before the chorale, with its independent orchestral writing, brought the work to its full-toned conclusion.

Also see Headstock Styles and Logo Styles for help determining when your guitar was made (particularly helpful if there is no serial number).

Note: Any guitar with a serial number with the prefix "SI" is Indonesian-made.

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Aria Pro II did some copies of famous American guitars such as the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul though it also did its own style of guitars.

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